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9 Things I’m doing to prep for NaNoWriMo, Part 3

(Read Part 1 or Part 2) 7. Committing to a schedule/plan to keep healthy & sane Over time, I’ve seen the wisdom of starting my writing day with morning meditation and prayer time, a half hour or so. Along with my coffee, of course, and lots of water–I’ve got half-gallon sized pitcher on my desktop which my Beloved refills for me every morning, no kidding. (And no, you can’t have him.) Besides being good exercise for the soul, this practice clears my head and helps me focus. Fact is, I sometimes get my best plot ideas while praying or meditating. Did I
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9 Things I’m doing to Prep for NaNoWriMo, Part 2

 (Back to Part 1) 4. Cleaning up Desktops and Inboxes Don’t know about you, but it’s amazing how many email lists I manage to get myself on over the months, and how many files accumulate on both my physical & PC desktops. So I’ve sorted through my Inbox. I’ve unsubscribed from the advert lists that distract rather than aid, and promised myself not to check email, during NaNoWriMo, until after my daily quota is logged. I thought about setting an email autoresponder, but I don’t like getting those myself. Once a day email processing seems like the wiser compromise. And I’m letting fam, friends, and
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