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Second Spring review of The Mystery of Things

Stratford Caldecott has written a brief but alarmingly gratifying review of The Mystery of Things in the most recent issue (number eight) of Second Spring: A Journal of Faith and Culture: “Labelled ‘Book One of the Ashland Grail Cycle’, this is a stunning debut novel in the modern thriller genre, complete with sex and violence. It is hard to imagine that an orthodox Catholic could have achieved such a thing without disgracing herself, but Debra Murphy seems to have pulled it off. Not since Flannery O’Connor have the workings of grace in a fallen world been so well and realistically
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Godspy Review of The Mystery of Things

The Mystery of Things by Debra Murphy. Available from Amazon. Click here. Matthew Lickona, author of Swimming with Scapulars, has written a fine review of The Mystery of Things on Godspy. Here’s a tidbit: The Mystery of Things gives you love and murder, sex and violence, God and the devil, the Virgin and the dragon, plus Catholicism vs. a perverted, self-righteous, hollowed-out image of itself, set against the everyday backdrop of urban and rural Wisconsin. It’s a love story in which loving wrongly does damage, a murder thriller unafraid to probe the juncture of sex and death, and a religious drama
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