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Nabokov in Ashlandia

I recently discovered that Vladimir Nabokov finished his most famous work, Lolita, in our beautiful city of Ashland, Oregon. Seeing as how it had been forty years since I had read Lolita, I did some digging: turns out there are also (speaking of “mythical State of Jefferson”) some Arthurian links in the famous Russian novelist’s life and work. Describing his own childhood as nearly “perfect,” Nabokov grew up trilingual (Russian, French, English) in a wealthy St. Petersburg family. He could read English before he could read Russian. His early literary fare: the legends of King Arthur, his Knights, and the Round Table.
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Of Nabokov, Lancelot, and Ashland

                          I love to walk, to see the world on foot. That my hometown of Ashland, Oregon is one of the primo towns in the country for hiking, whether perambulating path or pavement, was a major incentive to move here. Last summer, one Sunday morning, coming down from a hike in the hills above the Boulevard to meet the Clan for coffee at Bloomsbury, I came upon this sign between a couple of newer homes on Meade Street: All the years we had visited and/or lived here, almost two decades in
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