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Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

by Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1898) Contents Preface I. The Story of Atlantis II. Taliessin of the Radiant Brow III. The Swan-Children of Lir IV. Usheen in the Island of Youth V. Bran the Blessed VI. The Castle of the Active Door VII. Merlin the Enchanter VIII. Sir Lancelot of the Lake IX. The Half-Man X. King Arthur at Avalon XI. Maelduin’s Voyage XII. The Voyage of St. Brandan XIII. Kirwan’s Search for Hy-Brasail XIV. The Isle of Satan’s Hand XV. Antillia, the Island of the Seven Cities XVI. Harald the Viking XVII. The Search for Norumbega XVIII. The Guardians of
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Merlin Carving in Tintagel…yay or nay?

Arthurians everywhere recognize Tintagel Castle, on the Cornish coast, as the site were the wizard Merlin, at least according to many of the tales, helped Uther Pendragon shape-shift into the likeness of the Duke of Cornwall and thereby gain access to the Duke’s beautiful wife, Ygraine (Ygerna). Nine months later, Arthur was born. (There is also a sea cave beneath the castle known as “Merlin’s Cave”–Tennyson has Merlin bringing the infant Arthur in secret to this cave.) Earlier this month, English Heritage unveiled a new carving of Merlin on the rocks near the ruins of the Castle, to a very mixed reception.
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