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The Day I Fell in Love

I’m one of those who remembers little of early childhood. I have, however, a sun-bright memory of sitting rapt at my schooldesk in Mrs. Goluba’s second grade class, aged seven, as she read aloud to us, over a period of several weeks, A.A. Milnes’ House at Pooh Corner. That, I distinctly remember, was when I fell in love with books. And now that I think of it, with fantasy literature as a genre as well. I loved Pooh so ardently I begged for it for Christmas. Unwrapping it that morning, I remember not only my delight at the prospect of being able to relive those
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Discovered: Unknown, Unpublished C.S. Lewis poem

Here’s the Press Release: Texas State University   07/01/16 News from the Office of Media Relations Jayme Blaschke 601 University Drive San Marcos, TX  78666 (512) 245-2180 Texas State’s Beebe discovers unknown, unpublished C.S. Lewis poem SAN MARCOS – Steven Beebe, a Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies at Texas State University, has discovered an unpublished and unknown poem authored by famed 20th century author C. S. Lewis. Beebe found the poem while conducting research this summer at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. Handwritten on the back of one of Lewis’ manuscripts—and authenticated by Lewis scholar, author and handwriting expert Charlie
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