Five or seven or eight years ago, son John and I worked on a Science Fantasy screenplay together, Volcano Boys.

We got some great feedback from an earlier version of the script, then titled Yardsticks. (The story was loosely adapted from my first published short story.)

In June 2011 Yardsticks was named a top ten finalist in the Comedy category of the StoryPros contest. In August 2011 Yardsticks made the top ten finalists in the Acclaim contest and was awarded the third place honor in the Kay Snow contest, sponsored by Willamette Writers. During the terrific Willamette Writers conference, held every year in Portland, OR, we received some valuable script notes that got us all excited about some re-working. The end result was Volcano Boys.

Then John started a PhD program in Art History at Northwestern, I started pondering my Grail series, and we didn’t quite finish it. As soon as we can both catch a break we’re determined to re-work the whole thing as a novella or possibly even a graphic novel.

Here’s our logline: “They have powers. They have issues. They have a volcano. And one of them’s about to blow.”

John and I are also doing remote prep on a closed-room, three-person script, and (along with John’s sister Rachel) a historical drama set in the early nineteenth-century.