"The Norns" by Alois Delug" -- the Weavers of Wyrd.

“The Norns” by Alois Delug”

Debra’s major work-in-progress is a series of urban SFF (Science Fiction/Fantasy) novels set in the present and near future of the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch:

The Norse call it “Wyrd.”

Other cultures call it Karma. Providence. Destiny. Fate.

Whatever you call it, it’s about to change for a diverse group of preternaturally gifted young people struggling to make their lives in a world grown increasingly strange and catastrophic—

—a troubled British war veteran with a target on his back.
—a gifted Empath who can read souls, except the one planning to kill her.
—an apprentice Mage determined to come into his own by means of a dangerous—and murderous—rite.
—a Native American homicide detective with a secret dream: to see the resurrection of his “extinct” tribe.

The catalyst: In the wake of an unexplained cosmic event, a mysterious artifact has emerged from the shadows of myth and legend.

Many have died for it. Some will kill for it. And it will change the course of the future.