The War of the Grail Hallows

"The Norns" by Alois Delug" -- the Weavers of Wyrd.

“The Norns” by Alois Delug” — the Weavers of Wyrd.

Debra’s major work-in-progress is a series of SFF (Science Fiction/Fantasy) novels set in the near future of the Pacific Northwest. Working title: The War of the Grail Hallows.

Book One of the series: The Wyrdweaver.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch:

The Norse call it “Wyrd.”

Other cultures call it Karma. Providence. Destiny. Fate.

Whatever you call it, it’s about to change for a diverse group of preternaturally gifted young people struggling to make their lives in a world grown increasingly strange and catastrophic—

—a troubled British war veteran with a target on his back.
—a gifted Empath who can read souls, except the one planning to kill her.
—a covert operative assigned to infiltrate a secret lodge whose goal is to raise an Aryan empire in the Pacific Northwest.
—an apprentice Mage determined to come into his own by invoking the power of the Sun.
—a Native American homicide detective and his bi-cultural nephew, a federal agent with a secret dream: to resurrect his “extinct” tribe.

The catalyst: In the wake of an unexplained cosmic event, a mysterious artifact has emerged from the shadows of myth and legend.

Many have died for it. Some will kill for it. And it will change the course of the future—a future known only to an ancient woman known only as The Wyrdweaver.