Debra on the fiction of Ian McEwan

First published last winter in Second Spring Journal, Debra’s article, “A Christian looks at the fiction of Ian McEwan”, is now available online at CatholicExchange. Here’s how the article begins: Two things need to be gotten out of the way before anyone attempts to address t ...

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Second Spring review of The Mystery of Things

Stratford Caldecott has written a brief but alarmingly gratifying review of The Mystery of Things in the most recent issue (number eight) of Second Spring: A Journal of Faith and Culture: “Labelled ‘Book One of the Ashland Grail Cycle’, this is a stunning debut novel in the modern ...

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Godspy Review of The Mystery of Things

The Mystery of Things by Debra Murphy. Available from Amazon. Click here. Matthew Lickona, author of Swimming with Scapulars, has written a fine review of The Mystery of Things on Godspy. Here’s a tidbit: The Mystery of Things gives you love and murder, sex and violence, God and the devil, the ...

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Zoetrope quarter-finalists!

Well, now, this is very gratifying for a couple of newbie screenwriters. John (my son) and I spent some time last summer turning my short story Yardsticks, which won the 1998 Kay Snow award and was published in Image in 2003, into a screenplay. We entered it in Francis Ford Coppola’s annual Zo ...

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