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“The Fiction of Ian McEwan” in Second Spring Journal

A Christian Looks at the Fiction of Ian McEwan My essay, “A Christian Looks at the Fiction of Ian McEwan,” was published in issue 10: “The Spirit of the University,” of Second Spring Journal. Back issues and subscriptions to this fine journal, edited by the late and sorely missed Stratford Caldecott, can be ordered here. Here’s a brief excerpt from the opening section: Two things need  to be gotten out of the way before anyone attempts to address the fiction of English novelist Ian McEwan in a disapproving vein: First, he is one of the most acclaimed writers of our time; Second,
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The Martha and Mary of Parenting

by Debra and Daniel Murphy [This article was first published in the United States in the early ‘90’s by the Daughters of St. Paul in their Family magazine, then reprinted in the April 1994 (vol. 15, NO. 3) issue of the British journal, The Sower: the Journal for Religious Educators in School and Parish] — — — What is largely missing in today’s parenting is the biblical ‘better (or best) part” that Jesus pointed out to Martha (see Luke 10:38-42). Choosing the better part We parents are entrusted with the physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual growth and development of our children, who are
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