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Concerning Hobbits

by John Murphy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is self-indulgent in the best and worst sense. Peter Jackson, the hobbity Kiwi who transformed J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, into an Oscar-winning box-office behemoth, has earned his right to luxuriate in the cinematic world he began building over a decade ago. And Jackson apparently knows it, since luxuriate he does—like a cat grown fat and sassy stretching itself in sunshine and delightedly licking itself. The Hobbit, a modest classic of children’s fantasy literature, is now a three-part epic in the same mold as The Lord of the
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Pinscape – Letropa (2012)

Here’s a music video I directed for Portland-based electronic shoegaze outfit, Pinscape. Inspired by Clan Murphy fave, Picnic at Hanging Rock, the video emulates the atmospheric ambience and cavernous reverb of the single, Letropa. Check out Pinscape’s 7-track EP, Transitory Timing, for some moody electronic dreampop. Here’s the Letropa vid, shot in the Rogue Valley, featuring Andi Linden. Enjoy!
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Tombstone (1993)—Half a Great Movie, But Oh What a Half

My middle child is “high-functioning” autistic. One of the (many) interesting things about him is that he gets little “obsessions”—fierce interests in certain, often obscure, subjects that can last for months, even years. Around the time of his eighteenth birthday, my son’s obsession-du-jour was 1990s Westerns, a subgenre of a classic genre (Westerns) which has never held much attraction for me, to be truthful. At least not until the last decade or so, when I fell in love with two of them: Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West, a masterpiece of the Revenge genre, and the 2007 remake of
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