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11 Cool Articles to read before – or after – the 2017 Total Eclipse

A bit of  Synchronicity: it so happens that well before I heard about the total eclipse of August 21, 2017 (and as the background image of this site would suggest), I had concocted a fictional and anomalous eclipse for my W.I.P. I even set up a Google alert for the keyword “eclipse,” which is where I first came across mention of the big 2017 event—the first total eclipse to cross the entire continental U.S. in almost a century. The upshot, I’ve been reading and reading and reading about eclipses. I ordered our glasses months ago—good thing!—and read up on how to
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Walls and Ramps on the Way to Chartres

Commentator David Brooks recently gave a speech to a gathering of Christian philanthropists. A significant portion of the thoughtful talk was about the longing of non-religious people for the transcendent, about Christian interaction with others in the Public Square, and how the attitudes and actions of Christians can help or hinder that quest for the transcendent. My favorite passage: Everyone’s on a walk to Chartres. On a walk toward something transcendent, even if they don’t know what it is. Are you building ramps on the way to Chartres or are you building walls? It’s a wonderful speech. But if seemed to me,
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An interesting Hopi proverb

By way of the Willamette Writers newsletter, I learned the other day of a Hopi proverb that goes, “The one who tells the stories rules the world.” I was pretty impressed by that notion and promptly sent it out to one of my mailing lists, and received the following reaction: Debra, no! That Hopi Proverb is no good. We don’t get into the storytelling business because we want power! Don’t sneer at politicans then, who crave power, if you want it to, just go about seeking it with different methods. Well, I thought that was a very interesting response, and
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