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Down the Nazi Occult Rabbit Hole

FROM NEUSCHWANSTEIN TO WAGNER TO NAZI OCCULTISM BY WAY OF WALTER JOHANNES STEIN Recently, while researching my W.I.P. (which, yes, involves Nazis and the Grail, among other things) I came across a cool article titled 10 real places that look like they belong in fairy tales. Of the ten places listed, the only one I’ve actually been to is Neuschwanstein Castle in Alpine Bavaria, built by Ludwig II (“Crazy Ludwig”) in the late nineteenth century. Ludwig intended the place as a sort of “Grail Castle” in honor of Germany’s leading musical interpreter of Arthurian and Norse myths, Richard Wagner, so famously
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Kabbalah and Excalibur

  Origin of the Sword in the Stone trope? Many commentators have observed that the Arthurian and Grail legends, in all their permutations and incarnations, can be read on many levels: historical, literary, social, psychological, mythological, and so on. As this section of the blog might indicate, I have a particular interest in the intersection of notions of “Magic” and “Mystery” with the Matter of Britain. In this context, I was recently reading From Darkness to the Light: A Personal Journey Through Kabbalah of the vein of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, when I came across the following paragraphs by
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Of Nabokov, Lancelot, and Ashland

                          I love to walk, to see the world on foot. That my hometown of Ashland, Oregon is one of the primo towns in the country for hiking, whether perambulating path or pavement, was a major incentive to move here. Last summer, one Sunday morning, coming down from a hike in the hills above the Boulevard to meet the Clan for coffee at Bloomsbury, I came upon this sign between a couple of newer homes on Meade Street: All the years we had visited and/or lived here, almost two decades in
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