Nazism, Fascism, and the Occult

Black Sun mosaic in the floor of the SS Generals' Hall in Castle Wewelsburg near Paderborn, the "Black Camelot" of Heinrich Himmler and the SS.

Black Sun mosaic in the floor of the SS Generals’ Hall in Castle Wewelsburg near Paderborn, the “Black Camelot” of Heinrich Himmler and the SS.

Nazism’s connections with “the Occult” is a complicated and controversial subject. So let me beginby making it perfectly clear that this dark little corner of my blog is not about promoting either Nazism or the Occult, God forbid, but sharing my explorations of the subject from the vantage point of a novelist, fascinated since youth by the terrible history of Nazism and its bizarre ideology.
I’m be looking at both historical and contemporary connections between Nazism/Fascism and the Occult”—the latter purposely vague term standing in, for the sake of convenience, for what historian Eric Kurlander has called “the Supernatural Imaginary”, a messy collection of both popular and elitist intellectual currents made up of völkisch cultural elements, neo-pagan and New Age spiritualities, Esotericism, Magic (both theoretical and ceremonial), racist myths and ideology, and fringe science.

First, —there increasing interest among scholars about the subject—this, after a long period in which it was largely non grata).

Secondly, a few minutes spent googling our keywords will show that three-quarters of a century after the defeat of the Third Reich, there are still plenty of True Believers out there. Alas, in this case, more than most, the Past is far from past. One could even make the case that in our own times, helped along by the Internet, the connections between Nazism, Fascism, and the Occult are only strengthening in that messy and hydra-headed contemporary conglomeration of movements known collectively as the Alt Right.

Finally, since this topic can be at turns depressing and freaky, I will occasionally take a breath and indulge my Geek side with forays into how the Nazi-Occult connection is featured in fiction and popular culture.

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