Movies, TV, and Screenwriting


When I was young, movie matinee tickets were a quarter, then fifty cents. I’d spend my allowance on a movie or two, and still had enough left over for a vinyl LP or a paperback. No video games, no internet…but I saw Lawrence of Arabia on a huge movie palace screen in 70mm.

I sat through it twice in the same day, in the balcony. That was the day I first understood that movies (like novels) were art as well as entertainment. It remains my favorite movie, number one on my list to take to that desert island.

My other favorite films include: The Fall, Children of MenUnbreakable, Fearless, Witness, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Indiana Jones I & III, Star Wars 4-7, The Fugitive, Schindler’s List, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Jaws.

Favorite TV Programs: LOST, The Prisoner, Sherlock (BBC), Brealing Bad, Nowhere Man, Brideshead Revisited (BBC), Bleak House(BBC), Little Dorrit (BBC), Band of Brothers, Our Mutual Friend (BBC)