I am passionately interested in just about everything. This can be, frankly, exhausting. But also\ useful when the thematic scope of one’s chief work-in-progress involves everything from Shakespeare to Lost Civilizations, from King Arthur and the Holy Grail to Religion and Hermetica, from the history of Nazism/Fascism to conspiracy theories and the natural and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest.

After many years on the web, I’ve come to the conclusion that for the sake of “user friendliness” I should divvy up my blogging into “silos” that reflect the leading themes of my writing and make it easier for readers to find material of interest to them.


Blog Posts

Of Specialists and Polymaths

The pace at which scientists are breaking down their foci of expertise into increasingly narrower fields is breathtaking. Kinda like the way fictional genres become increasingly niche-ified. (Can you ...


The Day I Fell in Love

I’m one of those who remembers little of early childhood. I have, however, a sun-bright memory of sitting rapt at my schooldesk in Mrs. Goluba’s second grade class, aged seven, as she read ...


GodSpy Articles

GodSpy Articles I served as a Contributing Editor of GodSpy.com from 2004-2007. These are some of my favorite articles from that time. (Click on the images to read the original posts.) ...


Other Blogs

I’m setting up a small network of blogs on some of the topics mentioned above. As they go live, there will be links and excerpts here, so stay tuned and subscribe.

Meanwhile on Bardolatry:
Fiennes RIII thumb

One night this spring, my eldest daughter and I stayed up half the night, US West Coast time, to snag tickets the moment they went on sale for this production. Knowing that the theatre was small and the stars big, we figured tickets would go fast…

holy-trinity-thumbENGLAND 2016: SHAKESPEARE 400

From June 6 – 22, 2016, four members of Clan Murphy toured southern England and Cornwall. We’d been plotting and planning the trip for almost twenty years, and it fell out quite by accident that we were finally able to make the journey during the 400th anniversary year…




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