Sense and Sensibility

I grew up two blocks from the University of Illinois Campustown—Pig Heaven for a kid who spent most weekends at the movies, or in bookstores and record stores, or reading novels, or checking out the latest DC and Marvel comics at the drugstore on the corner of Sixth and Green Streets.

Stories in every form were (are) my passion. And I’m positively evangelical about sharing my favorites…


Songs (Vaughan WIlliams), Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald & Song for a Winter’s Night (Lightfoot), DonGiovanni and Requiem (Mozart), Turandot andTosca (Puccini), Revolver and Rubber Soul (Beatles)

Favorite Movie Soundtracks: The Mission & Once Upon a Time in the West (Morricone), City Lights (Chaplin),Tous les Matins du Monde (Marais), Gladiator, Face/Off, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (Williams), The Great Escape (Goldsmith), Is Paris Burning and Witness (Jarre), Z (Theodorakis)