Neuschwanstein: A Wagnerian Fairy Tale Castle

Castle Neuschwanstein

Castle Neuschwanstein, photo by Debra Murphy.

I recently came across a cool Tripadvisor article (via Twitter) titled 10 real places that look like they belong in fairy tales. Of the ten places listed, the only one I’ve actually been to is Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, built by Ludwig !! of Bavaria (a.k.a. “Crazy Ludwig”) in the late nineteenth century.
Situated in a stunning Alpine setting, I can’t see pictures of Neuschwanstein without thinking instantly of the over-the-top music of Wagner, some of it inspired by Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzifal (Ludwig was a fan and patron). Heinrich von Kleist’s play about the Teutonic Knights, Das Kätchen von Heilbronn, which I studied in a seminar on German Romanticism, and now the TV show Grimm.
The latter,though set in our very own capital of Wyrd, Portland, Oregon, very much hews to the German Romantic sensibilities that informed the design of the castle. (Such castles actually show up in some of the Grimm eps from time to time, though they’re usually supposed to be in Austria.)
Here’s a wonderful BBC documentary entitled, Fairytale Castles of Ludwig II:

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