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Stephen King and George R.R. Martin discuss writing (and Tolkien, and poker, and family, and kazoos)

—Very fun chat, filmed in New Mexico. The two share, among other things, their childhood “Aha!” moments with books, sci-fi, and horror, and when they knew they wanted to become writers. King, for instance, started submitting stories when he was 12 and sold his first one at 19. “I think creativity is a mystery,” says King. Yes, and perhaps even more mysterious, at least to some of us, is the seemingly innate self-confidence that enables a kid to withstand years and years of rejections without (apparently) suffering crippling self doubt. In the end, I’m with Martin: “How in the bleep do
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Dan Brown gift will help digitize a major library of Hermetica

Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of Dan Brown’s particular spin on the Holy Grail, but I’m delighted and grateful to learn that he’s putting a nice chunk of his bestseller earnings to the public benefit by donating some €300K to Amsterdam’s Ritman Library for the purpose of digitizing their core collection of pre-19th century Hermetica. The digitized works, some of which Brown himself perused while researching his books, will be made available online for public study as part of the library’s so-called Hermetically Open Project Here’s a video on the project:  
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