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“The Fiction of Ian McEwan” in Second Spring Journal

A Christian Looks at the Fiction of Ian McEwan My essay, “A Christian Looks at the Fiction of Ian McEwan,” was published in issue 10: “The Spirit of the University,” of Second Spring Journal. Back issues and subscriptions to this fine journal, edited by the late and sorely missed Stratford Caldecott, can be ordered here. Here’s a brief excerpt from the opening section: Two things need  to be gotten out of the way before anyone attempts to address the fiction of English novelist Ian McEwan in a disapproving vein: First, he is one of the most acclaimed writers of our time; Second,
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Reminding ourselves of what we already know (or think we do)

I’m a (Catholic) student of the Jewish ethical practice known as Mussar. Our main class text is Ramchal’s (Rabbi Moses Hayyim Luzzatto) The Path of the Upright. In the introduction, Ramchal tells his readers that his purpose is not to teach something new, but to remind us of what we already know. I was reminded of this concept while reading Paul Jarvis’ charming little motivational book for Creatives, The Good Creative: 18 Ways to Make Better Art. See, while I’ve been at this “creative” business of writing and publishing for decades now, and can truthfully say that there is nothing
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An excellent introduction and overview of the subject of Mystery Cults

Mystery Cults of the Ancient World by Hugh Bowden Princeton University Press, 2010 ISBN 978-0-691-14638-6 available from Amazon Hugh Bowden is senior lecturer in ancient history at King’s College, London. His beautifully illustrated book, Mystery Cults of the Ancient World, is an excellent and accessible overview and introduction to the mystery cults in the ancient world that required rituals of initiation. Among the cults covered in the book are the Eleusinian mysteries focused on Demeter and Kore (Persephone), the cult of Dionysus, the originally Egyptian cult of Isis which spread throughout the Mediterranean, and finally the cult of Mithras, a
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