OSF 2010 Season opens February 19th!

Dan Donohue as Hamlet
In this sometimes dreary third week of February, Clan Murphy is all a-quiver that the wheel has not only turned on another new season of LOST, but is about to turn on another new season of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Previews begin on February the 19th! Your Humble Bardolater will be attending (with her better half) the first OSF preview of Hamlet, starring Dan Donohue and and directed by Bill Rauch, both Clan favorites. I don’t intend to post a review until I’ve had a chance to see the show a second time a little later, after everyone’s had a chance to settle into the production, but since the word around A-town is that Bill Rauch’s staging may prove “controversial”, whatever that means, I may not be able to resist a comment. Check back next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been gearing up for a new year of great Shakespeare and great theatre by participating (when not sneezing so much as to contaminate nearby humans) in a lively local OLLI class on Hamlet. If you’re a resident of the state of Jefferson and unfamiliar with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, remedy the situation immediately by taking a gander at their site. For the price of a hundred bucks a year, local adult learners (and a bunch of intelligent folk we are, too, over a thousand strong) teach and attend classes in Ashland and Medford on subjects ranging from local history to yoga to geology to gardening to English country dancing to short stories to, yes, Himself. There’s a Bard-related class almost every term.

Sixth and lastly, Oregon Shakespeare Festival dramaturg Lue Douthit is going to be the featured guest Monday morning, February 15, 9 a.m., on our local NPR affiliate’s Jefferson Exchange program. Lue is a treat to talk and listen to on subjects theatrical, so even if you’re not in range of one of Jefferson Public Radio’s towers, you can tune in and listen live via the web.

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