OSF Townhall Meeting, Monday October 27, 2008

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is hosting a free-to-the-public Town Hall Meeting on Monday, October 27 from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Bowmer Theatre in Ashland. Directors Bill Rauch and Paul Nicholson will be onhand, along with other OSF staff, for an open forum discussion.

The public was invited to e-mail questions or topics for discussion to townhall@osfashland.org, so here’s what we here at bardolatry sent:

Greetings, dearest OSFers,

A couple of us hope to attend the townhall meeting this evening–thanks for the opportunity for a bit of public canoodling!–and my family and I have a question for you:
We have all very much enjoyed the clever and imaginative musical elements put this year into COMEDY OF ERRORS, MIDSUMMER and CLAY CART. In fact, we were very pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of musical talent displayed by so many festival actors. Next year, we see, you’ve got MUSIC MAN on the docket, which promises to be enormous fun. 
Well, this turn in direction got us a-thinking: Any chance there could be a Gilbert & Sullivan in the OSF’s future? I don’t recall any such productions in OSF’s history, but a bit of that sort of sublime silliness might be just the thing in these troubling times, and you’ve certainly got the talent here for it. (I realize these productions are typically done with live orchestras, which would no doubt prove prohibitively expensive, but there’s no reason the score couldn’t be pre-recorded, is there, or done up with a mix of pre-recorded orchestra and a handful of live musicians, as in some of your productions?)
Just imagine: THE MIKADO, with David Kelly as Koko, Richard Howard as Pooh-Bah…perhaps Christopher Jean as Nanki-Poo, Sarah Rutan as Yum Yum, and Miriam Laube as Katisha…?
Or perhaps John Tufts as the Pirate King in PENZANCE? 
(“Oh joy! Oh rapture!”)
At any event, many many thanks for year after year of marvelous and marvelously varied theatre.
Warmest regards,
Debra, Dan & Clan Murphy
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