Wyrdweaver - Mount Waiika

Debra’s W.I.P.: Book one
of a new 
SciFan series,
The War of the Grail Hallows
The Norse call it “Wyrd.”

Other cultures call it Karma. Providence. Destiny. Fate.

Whatever you call it, it’s about to change for a small group of young people, gifted with special talents after a mysterious “Eclipse” and struggling to make lives in an increasingly dangerous world.

The catalyst:

A strange artifact has emerged from the shadows of myth and legend. Many have died for it. Some will kill for it. And it will change the course of the future.


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Of Specialists and Polymaths

The pace at which scientists are breaking down their foci of expertise into increasingly narrower fields is breathtaking. Kinda like the way fictional genres become increasingly niche-ified. (Can you say "Cat Mysteries," boys and girls?) It's all quite wonderful, but I hope all these specialists are still talking to specialists in other fields, else the forest will be missed for the trees. Nay, the leaves. ...

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Falstaff, Welles, Fat People, and “the Age that never existed”

I have a Facebook friend and fellow blogger/writer who, like me, is 1) fat, and 2) has not hesitated to express his profound misgivings about the presidency of Donald J. Trump. The other day my FB friend posted the observation that many of the more vitriolic responses he’s received to his posts have been laced with references to his corpulence. As a fellow roundish person, I can attest that cluelessness and meanness and sometimes even overt discrimination against fat people is a form of prejudic ...

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